Human LibraryOn Wednesday, April 28 from 12:00 -2:00pm, Skyline College Library welcomes all members of our community interested in connecting virtually with a “human book.” Skyline community members who volunteer as “human books” will make their experiences available to “readers,” usually on issues that can be difficult to discuss.


How does this event work?

The Human Library is a place where real people go on loan to readers such as yourselves. The event takes place virtually in real time in breakout rooms on Zoom, hosted and facilitated by Skyline College staff and faculty.

Books are encouraged to meet with multiple readers, usually one at a time, over the course of the two-hour event. Books make their experiences available through one-on-one discussions, usually for 20-30 minutes, while readers ask questions freely and get honest answers in return.


Which “human books” can I read?

Human Library is a popular event! Visit the Sign up page for a full description of each human book and to reserve your spot:

  • Always a Student
  • An Intentional Tumbleweed: the Power of Surrendering to Organic Connection & Transformation
  • Lifetime of Impact
  • Legend of Latin Rock’s Rise from Darkness into the Light
  • Writing in Silence


Want to know more about The Human Library?

The Human Library Project is a worldwide movement that began in Denmark to help create dialog and foster understanding among people of different backgrounds and experiences. Human libraries remind us: There is much more that unites us than divides us.

The Human Library at Skyline College is supported by the President’s Innovation Fund (PIF). You can learn more here:

Questions? Interested in assigning Human Library participation to your students for credit? Please contact Pia Walawalkar at

Article by Jessica Silver-Sharp


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