equity manifestoDean of Student Equity and Support Programs Dr. Cheryl Johnson has a philosophy that guides her work around racial equity and gender bias. “The Equity Manifesto is my north star, it keeps me grounded in the equity work, which I believe is an ethical and moral value.”

Dr. Johnson has printed the Equity Manifestos for faculty, classified professionals and administrators who wish to hang the manifesto outside or inside their office as a visual reminder of the values at Skyline College around racial equity and gender bias.

Dr. Johnson is happy to visit classrooms, division meetings or department meetings to share about the manifesto and her vision for racial and gender equity here at Skyline College. You can also stop by for a visit at Building 5, Room 5-130 to get a copy of the Equity Manifesto!

Click here to download a file of the Equity Manifesto.

Article by Karmann Robbins

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