Business Department Vision OutlineOn Friday, May 22 the Business Department held a half day retreat at Skyline College to shape more robust programs in Business. The recurring theme throughout the day was the “Focus on Change”. Sarah Perkins, (Vice President of Instruction) opening remarks included encouragement and gratitude for faculty and staff in the Business Department for coming together to work on this endeavor. Dean of Business, Education and Professional Programs, Christine Roumbanis discussed changes already occurring in the Business Department and The Vision for the Business Department. Aaron McVean (Dean, Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness), presented data to validate the need for change. Alex Kramer, Small Business Deputy Sector Navigator, Bay Area spoke about Workforce and Industry Trends in the Bay Area, and Professor Ortiz relayed alternative models for structure and focus of Community College Business Departments which included lively discussions and positive input from faculty.

The day ended with renewed areas of focus and planning for 2015-2016. Faculty were energized and positive about making programmatic changes to business. There will be a follow-up Retreat II in Fall 2015. Faculty discipline groups will work on curriculum modifications and new course proposals in Fall and Spring for implementation in Fall 2016. I am very proud of the Business faculty for their positive attitude and professionalism.


Article by Christine Roumbanis