screenshot echo smartpenUnderstanding the technological tools that can be used to enhance educational experiences is the first step in integrating them into classrooms. This technology spotlight is designed to shine a light on one tool in particular. The Echo Smartpen was originally developed for executives to use in board meetings. However, with its ability to record lectures while simultaneously linking the audio recordings to what is written, students have embraced this technology at the community college level.

With this mainstream technology, students can relive the lecture as many times as needed to learn and understand the material covered. Imagine the impact that one faculty member would make by using the Smartpen to record and demonstrate how to solve a difficult math problem and then posting it on WebAccess for all of their students’ benefit!

Currently the Spartpen is available through a loan program for DRC and TRiO students. For more information, contact Judy Lariviere.

Stay tuned for more exciting information about this universal learning tool!

Article by Judy Lariviere and Carol Newkirk