In September 2017 the Board of Trustees approved the hiring of consulting firm Kennedy & Company to assist the district with a technology redesign. The focus of the technology redesign is to architect a suite of well integrated solutions that will empower our students and campus community to support student success at scale. The combination of the College Redesign (Meta majors, Guided Pathways, and Promise Scholars Program), the technology redesign, and dedicated faculty and staff will allow us to achieve student success rates of 75% or higher.

On October 17, 18, and 19 the technology redesign work kicked off with consultants from Kennedy & Company beginning their discovery phase by visiting all three campuses and the district office. During their initial visit they met with various groups including students, faculty, staff, admissions, financial aid, counseling, student services, administration, and chancellor’s cabinet. However, there will be more engagement points throughout project that will include in-person interviews, focus groups, task force meetings, and leadership meetings.

The consultant work will take approximately five to six months to complete, which will include discovery, design (software vendor review), and final recommendations. The plan is to start implementing the first pieces of technology by fall 2018, with full implementation of all tools by fall 2020.

Article by William Minnich

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