summer scholars studentsThe Skyline College Summer Scholars Institute (SSI) successfully finished its second year with 116 entering freshmen completing either a 2-week accelerated module or the standard 5-week module.  Both modules were designed to accelerate student learning and placement into transfer level math and English as a central component of the Skyline College Promise for students to “Get In, Get Through and Graduate…On Time.”

The Summer Scholars Institute continued to recognize each students humanity and culture by developing relevant curriculum that would enable students to explore their “College Success Story: Personal Identify and College Readiness.” SSI offered an expanded program this year to provide an immersive two-week experience for 24 students to develop the skills to place into transfer level English if they were already placed at transfer level Math or the converse, as well as complete a Counseling 101 course. At the same time, the traditional 5-week module was offered with 92 students participating in English and Math Seminar series along with a Counseling 100 or Career and Life Skills 137 course.  Moreover, to facilitate the development of students’ professional development and co-curricular skills, the program participated in a day-long Workforce Development Conference at the SFO Hilton Hotel enhancing their communication and networking skills, as well as explored the world of entrepreneurship and international education while meeting with the Mandela Scholars.  Students also began planning for their future transfer through college visits to UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz.

In addition to accelerating student placement and preparation into transfer level math and/or English, the 2017 SSI enabled students to:

  • Develop their critical consciousness and thinking skills
  • Increase their comfort and confidence engaging the collegiate experience
  • Increase their academic skills and efficacy

A prime example of student growth was exhibited in their math progression.  SSI created a tailored curriculum where students were expected to learn specific math concepts that would both place prepare them for, and place them into, their transfer level math course.

The Program concluded on Thursday, August 3, 2017 with a Graduation Ceremony with over 200 students, family members and guests celebrating the success of SSI students and launching them into the 2017-18 academic year.

Article by Michael Stokes

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