This week, the Library was pleased to welcome more than 30 students for discussions on a theme we all know well: academic and parent pressures. The session was part of a brand-new series, Skyline Stories of Self-Fullness, a collaboration with the Library, Active Minds club, and personal wellness counselor Perry Chen, designed to unite students for discussions on critical topics around self-worth and mental well-being.

What does “self-full” mean? In this context, it means having an innate understanding of your self-worth and protecting one’s heart from feeling empty and overwhelmed.

During the session, students practiced “self-fullness” with their peers in small groups, enjoying tea and sharing stories of family pressures around school, career choices and majors, and grades. (Regarding their privacy, we have not shared quotes or pictures). Lastly, students were asked to pitch their ideas for future discussion topics.

All members of the Skyline College community are welcome to join us for upcoming sessions at the Library. They include:

  • Social Media: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly (September 20)
  • Discrimination (October 3)
  • Wholeness & Wellness: The struggles of being “fine” (October 18)
  • Identity (November 7)
  • Holidays…it’s complicated…(November 15)
  • Fears of the Future (December 5)

Special thanks to our session organizers and to Prof. David Hasson for bringing his mathematics students. Would you like to bring your students (class, learning community, club)? Please give us a heads-up by reaching out to Librarian Pia Walawalkar at

Article by Jessica Silver-Sharp

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