Asset BuildingSparkPoint at Skyline College and Opportunity Fund kicked off the month of February with the spring 2015 semester’s first College Savers Orientation.  Approximately 30 students attended the orientation to learn about Opportunity Fund’s College Savers Program.

The program is an asset building program which promotes the positive financial behaviors of saving money and building assets.  For every $1 a student saves, they receive an additional $2 in matched savings.  Students may save up to $2000 in a two-year period, earning up to an additional $4000 in matched savings for a total of up to $6000.  The students may use their savings and matched funds for educational expenses, thus using their savings to invest back into their education. Included in the program are financial education workshops and assistance with establishing a savings account and online account management. This is a great financial support program for students, especially those preparing to transfer to 4-year universities.

This was the first orientation of the semester, and there will be two more orientations on March 19, and April 7.  Thank you to Mayra Cerda of Opportunity Fund for facilitating the orientation, and a big thanks to Annie Trinh, The Career Center, and The English Language Institute for providing space for the orientations.  For more information, please contact SparkPoint at Skyline College at (650) 738-7035, or email Melanie Espinueva at

Article and photo by Melanie Espinueva