The Skyline College Student Voice Survey has concluded and it was a major success! With more than 1,300 students responding (20% response rate), Skyline College students showed up to make sure their voices were heard. Climate surveys truly help us better understand the needs and priorities of our students, information crucial to improving our overall campus climate.

The survey responses are currently being analyzed by the RP Group, and the complete results will be shared with the college community in Spring 2023. For now, we can share a few top-level results that caught our attention.  For example, if you’ve ever wondered how much time Skyline College students spend on campus, we now know!  We asked our face-to-face and hybrid course students how much time they spend on Skyline’s campus outside of class time in a typical week:

We also learned that 64 percent of respondents are working at least part time, with just under twenty percent working full time. More than half of student respondents care for dependents, with 15 percent dedicating more 30 hours each week to dependent care. Our students have busy lives, but they are still committed to furthering their education, with 94% of respondents expressing confidence in their ability to achieve their educational goal at Skyline College. Way to go, Trojans!

As a thank-you for participating in this valuable work, respondents were eligible to win one of ten Amazon gift cards, with a $200 gift card grand prize! Some of these lucky student winners include Andrew Hines, Vairea Samn, Adrian De Leon, Ronin Morata, Zaemel Santos, Keyahna Lopez, and Sara Morrison. We want to thank each one of them and all of the student participants for taking the time. Skyline College doesn’t work without you! Stay tuned for more student survey results in the Spring 2023 semester, as well as the rollout of the Skyline College Employee Voice Survey. We look forward to hearing your voice!

Article by Becky Threewit and Ingrid Vargas

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