sustainability SummitOn Tuesday, December 1, over 75 students convened for the Student Sustainability Summit and discussed new ways to make Skyline College more sustainable. The Summit was led by the District’s Energy and Sustainability Manager Joe Fullerton and Skyline College’s Communications Professor Jennifer Mair and hosted by Biology Professor Carina Anttila-Suarez, Earth Sciences Professor Carla Grandy, and Sustainability Coordinator Allison Callow. The Summit was held in the Energy Systems Technology and Management room, courtesy of ESTM Professor Bruce Greenstein.

Students came together to share what they would like to see on campus and then divided into small groups to create plans of action for future sustainability projects. Some of the ideas students were most interested in included greywater systems, more hydration stations throughout campus, increased awareness through fairs and interpretive signage, reusable dishware, more vegetarian options in the café and cafeteria, and surveys to explore alternative transportation options.

All students have the opportunity to lead or join a project team and develop a grant proposal for a sustainable project on campus for the spring semester. After proposals are submitted on February 1, the student community will come together to vote on the three projects they would like to see on campus on March 1. Students decide which projects receive grants funded by the President’s Innovation Fund.

Proposal outlines will be posted on the Skyline College’s sustainability website shortly.

For any questions about the Summit or the proposal process, please email Allison Callow at or visit her office in Building 7, Room 7326C.

Article by Allison Callow