Over 25 students presented their research projects to the campus community at the annual Skyline College Science Research Symposium that took place on April 27. Participants included students from the Biology Department, Biotechnology Department, Math Department, Physics Department, Energize Colleges internship program, and Engineering and Robotics Club. A list of students and their projects is below.

The symposium offered students the opportunity to gain valuable experience communicating their original research and recommendations both orally and through designing coherent, eye-catching posters. “A very real part of our students’ education is getting up in front of a crowd and explaining a scientific concept,” says Biotechnology professor and event organizer Nick Kapp. “The Skyline College Research Symposium gives our students the opportunity to do this for the first time in a safe environment. Many of them will go on to bigger venues at regional and national conferences. I would like to think that by giving our students this opportunity, Skyline College is making a contribution to the knowledge of all mankind.”

In addition, the event served as an occasion for building community among members of different campus departments. Kapp believes it was important for students who presented their research to also be a part of the audience and ask relevant questions. Students got to learn from and support other students, celebrating their hard work with a cake and ice cream social at the symposium’s end.

List of Participants and Projects:

  • Energize Colleges interns (mentored by Alex Fuentes, Carla Grandy, Carina Anttila-Suarez, and Mary Thomasmeyer)
  • Alexis Cancio – Bay Area Air Quality Training
  • Jane Arias – Sustainability Signage and Campus Outreach
  • Justin Yu – Electric Vehicle Charging Analysis
  • Mariegail Mijares – Zero Waste Outreach
  • Paul Bernabe – Campus Fog Catcher
  • Rebecca Gines – Energy Auditing
  • Richard Ou – Campus Car Counter (mentor: Nick Langhoff)
  • Stella Yee – Green Building Education
  • Xiaowen Cai – Solar Feasibility Study for Skyline College (mentor: Dr. Christine Case)
  • Engineering and Robotics Club (Marco Wehrfritz and Nick Langhoff)
  • Jonathan Weber, Mikaela Quintos, Gianni Grelli, Clifford Yu, Livia Darmawan, Niang Lin, Arnaldo Alvarez, Daniel Messier, Anasanique Fountaine, Alex
  • Hercules, Sam Marszalec, Richard Hua, Gordon Chong, Kaonhou Her, Michael Derugin, and Johnny Bough – Solar Powered Boat
  • Biology Department (mentored by Dr. Christine Case)
  • Aayushma Gautam and Kaonhou Her – Examining Antimicrobial Properties of Ceanothus thyrsiflorus Against Candida albicans and Staphylococcus aureus
  • Amada Jibaia Prado and Martha Marquez Ramirez – Antibacterial Activity of Achillea millefolium californica against Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Courtney Tang and Moe Pwint Thae – Microbial Analyses of Airborne and Settled Dust in College Classrooms
  • Diala Mudawar and Mia Fung – Evaluation of Cornus sericea var. sericea for Antimicrobial Properties
  • Robert Erickson and Anthony Petraki – Microbial Metabolic Diversity in the North Pacific Ocean on the Central California Coast
  • Shalom Gutierrez and Maritza Flores – Antimicrobial Activity of Lonicera Involucrata Against Bacteria and Yeast
  • Xiaowen Cai – Solar Feasibility Study for Skyline College
  • Biology Department (mentored by Nick Kapp)
  • Alina Kirichuck – Cost of DNA Sequencing vs. Restriction Endonuclease DNA Analysis
  • Biotechnology Department (mentored by Nick Kapp)
  • Carlmont Biotech – Biotechnology Class
  • Math Department (mentored by Kenyatta Weathersby)
  • Isin Berenice al-Otat, Catherine Villamejor, Fed Kluss, Raoul Ligon, Akmal Gadang, Christine Abella, Harold Cacho, Malik Hale, Briana Coreas-Ayala, Ijeoma Okwuosa, and Griffen Bragagnolo – Do Water Filters Actually Work?
  • Engineering Department/Fabrication Lab (mentored by Maryam Khan)
  • Brandon Petterson, Melanie Trujillo, Michael Lam, and Anasanique Fountaine – The Fabrication of a Novice Quadcopter
  • Physics Department (mentored by Adam Windham)
  • Krystal Kyain and Zaw Aung – Hydroelectric Generators

Article and Photo by Mary Thomasmeyer

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