philipino historyThis year, the Associated Students of Skyline College, the Filipino Student Union and Kababayan Learning Community hosted the first Filipino-American History Month celebration in Skyline College. The kick-off event for the month of October started with the “Sari-Sari” (Variety) Bazaar which took place in the Fireside Dining Room on October 4 and 5.

Several Filipino American organizations and entrepreneurs from around the Bay Area celebrated with the Skyline College community to promote their advocacies, future events, and original Filipino merchandise such as: Philippine American Writers and Artists, Laya: Migrant Youth for Change and Action, Migrante, Filipino Advocates for Justice, Bindlestiff, Jeepsilog, and many more. The children from ECE PreSchool also came to have fun with the students as they participated in artworks, dances, and games such as “Pabitin”, the Filipino version of piñata where they jump to reach for their prizes. Students and faculty packed the Fireside Dining Room as special performances from artists showcased their talent on stage through poetry, rap, songs, and dances. The Kababayan and Cipher Advisors, Grace Burns and Kim Davalos, contributed awe-inspiring poems that captivated the hearts of the audience.

The Bayanihan Spirit, which translates to unity and cooperation between the community, was truly evident at this event because of the collaboration and hard work of everyone. Sari-Sari Bazaar was made possible through the community’s participation and the students’ passion to showcase Filipino talent and culture to everyone in Skyline College. The student organizers and advisors hope to continue this tradition for the rest of the years to come.

Article by Virginia Salazar Noval