Cosmo Orientation“You have to stretch and grow,” says Ms. Kym Jackson, Coordinator of Skyline College Cosmetology department.  And that is exactly what is happening: growth in the cosmetology, esthetics and wellness programs.  How is it happening?  A team of instructors, instructional aides and support staff have helped achieve the department’s goal to increase student enrollment for the academic year.  The result of that hard work was evident on Saturday, August 15th, when more than one hundred registered students attended the orientation for the fall 2015 semester.  It has been a concerted effort of high school outreach, community events and college involvement to get the word out about the career preparation, exploration, and training offered by the department.  Ms. Jackson’s theme for the department this semester is reflective practices, or “seeing change as an opportunity.”

Looking around the auditorium at the new students who were buzzing with excitement one thing was crystal clear: the educational community must adjust to the influx of new learners.  The orientation began with an introduction from Ms. Jackson to the leadership team that will serve them at the Salon & Spa at Skyline College. She reminded the students and staff that critical thinking is first and foremost necessary to empower and transform a global community of learners.  That is one element of the mission statement that drives the vision of our College President, Dr. Regina Stanback-Stroud. It takes a diverse community of educators and learners to bring that goal to fruition.

Ms. Jackson introduced the educational staff who will be supporting and teaching this semester. Each member shared their work experience history and background knowledge with the incoming freshmen.  For instance, Dr. Ronda Wimmer, Professor of Massage Therapy and Wellness, curriculum development and assessment coach, shared learning tips that if used will help students to be better prepared for the rigorous study of the sciences that is taught in all of the programs.  “Students must know how they learn best,” she said, “and with that understanding create study notes of lectures in such a way that will cause the information to go into long term memory.” Also, Professor Danielle Powell of the Language Arts-Communications Studies department, captivated the students as she discussed the amazing work taking place on campus—connecting global learners in Africa and Central America through the Mentoring Program for women at Skyline.

As the students moved out of the auditorium and into the state of the art beauty and wellness career facilities, they received their uniforms, supplies, and time clock codes. Every semester some new technology or educational technique appears in the department. This time it was a fingerprint time clock to streamline and replace an archaic record keeping process of paper time tickets. The new students seemed to be excited to begin their career in one of the following:  cosmetology, esthetics, message therapy and wellness.  So, if you are on campus and want to see where the stretching and growing is really happening, stop by any one of our programs and get a massage, facial or hair service. We would love for you to experience what we have to offer.

Article by Evette Carpenter