More than 100 faculty and staff attended two college-wide forums hosted by President Stanback Stroud on Monday and Tuesday of this week in Building 6, Room 6202.  The President and Vice President of Instruction, Sarah Perkins, provided updates on the status of the various initiatives, programs and services that are outlined in the Strategic Priorities.  The presentation also included the anticipated staffing needed over the course of the next four years.

The proposed staffing emerged from the integrated planning process (consideration of Board Goals, District Strategic Plan goals, College goals, community needs assessment results, multiple plans such as the technology plan, educational master plan, unit reviews, program reviews and administrative leadership unit reviews) and was considered by the Staffing for Student Success Taskforce in Spring 2013.  In May 2013, the taskforce made a recommendation the Institutional Planning Council (IPC).  Last week, IPC voted to recommend the Human Resource Plan to the College Governance Council.  The forums were designed to provide broader communication before CGC considered whether to recommend the plan for adoption.  On Wednesday, the College Governance Committee unanimously voted to recommend the plan for adoption.


The Human Resource Plan will serve as a guide for considering future staffing needs.  Priority processes such as the FTEF Allocation process and Classified Staffing Priorities process will continue to be used.  The plan includes additional classified staff (office assistants, staff assistants, division assistants,  program services coordinators, instructional aides, website content coordinator, events coordinator, A&R technicians), classified supervisory staff (Instructional technologist, accountant, administrative assistant, planning and research analyst and project director), academic supervisory staff (study abroad director) and administration (Dean, Student Support Services and Dean, Global Learning Division).  The plan also includes hiring additional full-time faculty which includes the hiring of 15 faculty for Fall 2013.

Based on overall positive comments about the opportunity to receive more communication on a college-wide level, to clarify issues and raise important questions, President Stanback Stroud is looking forward to hosting many more forums.