Strategic Partnerships in Action: Business and Biotechnology Programs are Establishing Innovative Partnerships with the Leading Biotech Japanese Company – Furukawa Electronic Inc.Skyline College Business and Biotechnology Divisions welcome a new venture with a leading Japanese Biotechnology company- Furukawa Electronic Inc. From April 8 -12, Skyline College faculty received professional training on the latest cutting-edge biotech equipment Single Cell Hunter. This cutting edge equipment will be housed and used by Skyline College faculty and students.

This Strategic Partnership between Business and Biotechnology academic programs at Skyline College and a Japanese Bio-Engineering Company-Furukawa Electronic Inc. will benefit both business and STEM students.

Business students apply their sales and marketing skills to secure business projects from the local business community while our biotechnology students will conduct scientific research using this cutting-edge technology. By leveraging industry resources, our strategic partnership provides our students with experiential learning experience and access to cutting edge modern equipment. This also allows our college to use very expensive and up to date equipment without an exceptional capital outlay.

Dr. Pate and Dr. Kapp hope that our collaborative innovation project will provide a “hub” where students, faculty, industry experts and local business community will collaborate inside and outside of the classrooms. We hope our students from different interdisciplinary areas can receive training across curriculum in addition to exploring their careers as biotechnology lab technicians and/or sales and marketing specialists for their career.

Persons shown in the photo Mr. Kenichi Kimura, Drs. Hui Pate, Nick Kapp, Kumiko Yamaguchi, Jie Xu and Jing Folsom.

Article by Dr. Hui Pate and Dr. Nick Kapp | Photo by Hui Pate

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