Stock Exchange ClubOn Monday, November 16, Vice President of the Stock Exchange Club Minh (Alex) Ho hosted Career Success Monday, an informational session designed to inspire and develop Skyline College students’ knowledge and interests about career in business-related majors. Through series of discussions led by guest speaker Alexandra Kaplan from the Career Services Center, attendees were able to learn more about techniques job applicants should use in order to build successful resumes and LinkedIn profiles. In addition, the students also got to ask Alexandra about the importance of social media. However, to master these techniques takes a lot of experience. Alexandra, who had a background in student counseling in New York City, understood the concerns and provided information for various resources and opportunities, such as the Career Services Center and the VITA Program at Skyline College, students can use to help them with their career goals.

After the event concluded, the club officers evaluated the quality of the event.  They were delighted at the number of students who attended. The result gave the club a better idea of how to better serve the student public and its members, and at the same time, opened more opportunities for the club to attract future speakers, through whom, Stock Exchange Club can spread its mission–to create opportunities for students to develop interest in trades and economics. An upcoming event of the club includes: inviting a stock broker to come in discuss various investment accounts and possible strategies.

Contact Abe Amas, club president at or Minh Ho, club vice president at for more information about the club.

Article by Minh Ho