On Friday, May 5, all Skyline College Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) students were invited to present their research at the College’s annual Research Symposium. The event, typically held in early May, allows students to present their work and research while STEM faculty and visitors gather to see projects and ask students about their research areas.


Student presentations were wide-ranging with topics as diverse as made electronic instruments and descriptions of valley fever. The Biotechnology Manufacturing class featured their attempt to grow a chicken embryo outside of its shell.  Many students also presented the following day at the Bay Area Honors Symposium held at Stanford, while the Skyline Engineering and Robotics Club competed in Sacramento.


The Student Research Symposium combines class projects, individual research, honors research and club activities, with participating students asked to submit a 3×5 foot poster.  In all, 30 posters and presentations were given with over 100 visitors stopping by to view the research projects, ask questions, and support our Skyline College STEM students.


Special thanks to Dean Ray Hernandez of the SMT division who provided the posters and cupcakes, technicians Kyline Johnson, Gary Chang and Marco Wehrfritz, who were a great help in getting students the materials they needed,  Professors Case, Davis, Koskello, Kapp, Langhoff, Fredricks and Bookstaff  who all had students contribute to this year’s research symposium.


Skyline College’s Career Advancement Academy Biotechnology program—BioBridge—is supported by grant funding from the National Science Foundation, grant #1502042. Please find our Bio Bridge students featured in the pictures from the Research Symposium and keep an eye out for next year’s event!


Article and photos by Nick Kapp