Volunteering at BioDepotMonday March 29th, STEM faculty Nick Kapp and Marco Wehrfritz volunteered to do some heavy lifting and moving for the BioDepot. The BioDepot is a nonprofit that collects used equipment and consumables from Bay Area Life Science companies and redistributes them for free or little cost to local schools or nonprofits that can use the equipment. This equipment has nicks and scratches, but still works. The consumables may be expired and slightly the wrong size but is still usable by high school and college biology and biotechnology programs. The Skyline College Biotech program has benefited from using materials from the BioDepot in the past. Nick and Marco answered a call for volunteers when the BioDepot recently moved between warehouses this spring. The new space is fully enclosed and will be better able to serve the needs of the BioDepot. Next, the Biotechnology program hopes to help the depot with their inventory and product giveaways. We hope to have Skyline College Biotechnology students entering materials into an inventory management system, this will provide real work experience for our students and help them give back to the community. This is another example of how our programs give back to our community.

Article by Nick Kapp

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