Sputum BowlOn March 26, 2017, the Skyline College Respiratory Care Program participated and attended the annual Sputum Bowl. Foothill College hosted the event and the Skyline College class was ready to compete and show other programs why Skyline College has the best Respiratory Care Practitioners.

Both first and second year students participated in the competition with the support from classmates cheering in the background. Dr. Ijaz and Brian Daniels were present and graciously supported the teams. Students from bay area Respiratory care program participated in this event.

Listed below are as follows: from bottom left: Danae (Second year), Cher (First year), Leo (Second year), Patrick (Second year), Karen (First year), and Richie (Second year). \

Skyline College had two teams that were named “Chicken Nut Bread” (a hilarious acronym for “she cannot breathe”) and “Some Full Cup.” Both teams made it to first and second rounds and completely dominated the entire competition. Skyline College is a force to be reckoned with and the students proved that hard work, education, and training pays off. Both teams from Skyline College will be attending the State competition in June 2017. Congrats team! Winner and runner up teams will now participate in the State level meeting.

Congratulations to all the Respiratory care program students & Skyline College for job well done

Article by Ijaz Ahmed