Global ExtravaganzaOn Tuesday, April 30, 2019, the International Student Program held its second Global Extravaganza event due in part to the success of the first one. This event was organized to celebrate all the talent that Skyline College’s international community has to offer and to give a platform for a Taiko drumming group, San Mateo Buddhist Temple Taiko, to showcase their talents.

It was an enriching and educational event with cultural showcases from all around the world. Students represented their own countries to share aspects of their culture such as traditional games and language. The participants were able to learn how to play games from various places from Africa to South Korea, about traditional make-up from Myanmar and Nepal, the Samba and different languages from Cambodian to French. The Tuho game from South Korea was particularly popular because one had the chance to win Korean goodies to munch on.

The main event was the Taiko drumming group who filled the quad with the sounds of Japan thundering from their drums. The audience was enthralled by the energy and enthusiasm of the drummers. When the call came for audience participation, many people eagerly jumped up to get their chance to try out the Taiko drums. Soon, they were drumming away as if they had always been part of the Taiko group. It was truly a magical experience that brought the Skyline College community together!

Article and Photo by Clair Yeo-Sugajski

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