SFSU Transfer Articulation BridgeFor the past 3 years, Skyline College has offered the Transfer Articulation Bridge (TAB) program through San Francisco State University (SFSU). Through the program, Skyline College students are able to take the Introduction to SFSU course, offered through concurrent enrollment at SFSU. The class aims to support underrepresented and first generation college students by giving them access to the resources they need to successfully transfer to SFSU or any CSU or UC campus of their choice.

The class was originally designed and offered for decades to City College of San Francisco students – primarily to underrepresented and probation or dismissal students. This is the first time that Skyline College students make up half of the class, equaling the number of their CCSF peers. This is a testament to the great work of Professor Paul Mendez, in collaboration who has tirelessly attended events, offered orientations for interested students and attended several Counseling classrooms.  A South San Francisco resident himself, he never forgets to remind SFSU faculty, administrators and staff that Skyline College is a priority. He has inspired students for years and is always invited back wherever he presents.  Paul has been a true collaborator of the Transfer Center and advocate for Skyline College students.

Through the TAB Program, students are able to get SFSU student ID cards, access SFSU resources and library and attend class two days a week.  For students planning on transferring in the fall 2015, they get one-on-one financial aid counseling through the class to learn exactly how to fund their education after transfer – a huge benefit. As part of the class, Suzanne Poma from the Transfer Center presents three lectures specifically on transfer from Skyline College as well as information on eligibility requirements for an associate’s degree.

The Transfer Center is continuing to promote this program for the fall 2015 semester. If you are interested in learning more about it for your students or scheduling Paul to present in your classroom, please contact Michele Haggar at haggarm@smccd.edu.

Article by Suzanne Poma | Photo by Paul Mendez

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