NOVA logoIn December 2017, a reporter from the San Mateo Daily Journal visited the SparkPoint Center at Skyline College. The article was originally intended to cover the newly launched NOVA Job Center at Skyline College and the workforce services that are offered to assist unemployed individuals in San Mateo County. However, the reporter chose to expand the article to cover the complete set of services that SparkPoint at Skyline College offers to students and community members. In particular, the article addressed the synergy of different services on offer at the SparkPoint Center, with the goal of assisting community members in San Mateo County achieve long term financial prosperity. The NOVA Job Center is a critical piece because increased income from a successful job search directly improves the financial situation of a family, enabling better housing options, increased ability to afford education, and more capital to account for in a budget.

Many thanks to Anna Schuessler from the San Mateo Daily Journal for taking the time to visit us. You can read the article at the San Mateo Daily Journal Website.

The NOVA Job Center at Skyline College provides job search support for students and community members seeking immediate employment. We offer individualized one-on-one career counseling, job search workshops, labs, an advice line, and more at no cost. If you know of any students or community members who are interested in obtaining a job or internship, please invite them to stop by room 1-221A or contact us at or 650-738-7904.  For more information about the NOVA Job Center, please visit the website.

Article by Kathleen Velasquez

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