Marjourie QuintanillaSparkPoint would like to highlight an amazing Latina, mother, scholar and advocate. Marjourie Quintanilla balances the duties of being a single mother, full-time student, public benefits specialist and active San Bruno community member with grace and commitment. She is always smiling and helpful and she inspires us all. An alumna of Capuchino High School who will graduate from Skyline College this Spring, Marjourie assists students and community members with obtaining and maintaining public benefits at SparkPoint, Skyline College. Marjourie also has spoken to underrepresented minorities at numerous public engagements, including teen mothers from Hilltop High School, PUENTE and La Rasa scholars. She assisted patrons of Skyline College’s library, facilitated a classroom of first graders as part of the Big Lift Summer Camp, and worked with second graders through the Reading Partners program. Marjourie is a recipient of numerous scholarships including the Grove Scholars, Len Herzstein, San Bruno Community Foundation Crestmoor Neighborhood Memorial scholarships.

Marjourie self-identifies as a Latina who wants a better future for her family and for those who do not know their full potential. She believes that “sharing is caring” and that she can reach higher success with an optimistic mindset that encourage and motivates.

In her own words, Marjourie explains how education, resilience and advocacy provide opportunities to shape society for ourselves, for our community and for future generations:

“My story begins with coming to America at the age of 2 years old. I was brought up in a society where as long as you can speak the language, you were welcome. I failed to find my voice until I arrived at Skyline College the second time. I now see how I was part of a system that was broken where instead of helping you succeed, it kept you stagnate. It took living a life without a college degree for me to wake up and start setting goals for myself. I have grown to realize that I can open communications to pave the way for young girls, single mothers, and anyone who feels like they are struggling through life. It’s okay not to have all the answers as long as we keep searching for meaning and practice resilience. As I continue my education I will continue to work with and for my community. I am a strong believer that a sense of community will benefit our future generations.”

This fall Marjourie will transfer to San Jose State University and pursue a degree in social work. We will miss having her beautiful smile and powerful kindness!

Article written by Valerie Higgins


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