UTT LogoThe Spanish students of Spanish 110, 120, 220 and 230 at Skyline College have been participating in a Skype Language Exchange with students from Universidad Tecnologica de Tijuana (UTT) in Mexico. The weekly one-on-one communications, which take place over Skype video chats in the Language Lab of The Learning Center, pairs beginner and intermediate Spanish students at Skyline College with counterparts from UTT who have conversational English skills. The program is providing a unique chance for students to practice their language skills and the material they’ve learned in class with native Spanish speakers who are, in turn, improving their English.

The participating students at Skyline College are enjoying themselves and say that they are retaining the material better thanks to the personal experience. The Mexican students at UTT have said this is a great opportunity to enhance and expand their English vocabulary – and they’ve even said they hope to come and visit Skyline College in the future.

Professor Luciana Castro of Skyline College and Professor David Cooksey of UTT have worked closely together along with Hong Guo in the Language Lab to make the Skype Language Exchange a reality for their students. Thanks to their hard work, Spanish students at Skyline College and UTT are improving their language skills in a way that’s different, effective and fun.

Article by Luciana Castro