On March 3rd, 2023. twenty students visited San Jose State University (SJSU) to learn from a guided campus tour, and to hear from student panelists. We also shared space and community, while “breaking bread” for a lunch within the dining commons at SJSU. Students also gained insight into the TRiO ASPIRE program at SJSU and learned about the McNair Scholars program.

It was a beautiful day last Friday, after a couple days of rain. Students enjoyed the weather as they explored SJSU academic programs and learned about the history of SJSU. Student participants shared great feedback about the student panelists. They were happy to hear student narratives – and to hear from students who were willing to share vulnerabilities in a safe space. Our students also shared their own vulnerabilities, asking critical questions important to their transfer planning and gaining feedback into dorms and off-campus housing information.

The tour included equity programming, as McNair and ASPIRE provide significant support for first generation students who demonstrate financial need. It also provided an opportunity for students who are place-bound or who cannot access transportation to SJSU. The program was at no-cost for students, also ensuring students could attend without cost related concerns.

The event was coordinated by TRiO Student Support Services and the Skyline College Transfer Center. Carlos Romero, Brianna Clay – Fuller, and Ernesto Hernandez were chaperones. The planning committee included Janelle Reza, Alexandra Kaplan, and Jacquie Espino, as well.

A special thank you to our faculty and classified professional transfer champions who supported the promotion of the event. And a special thank you to the Vice President of Student Services, Dr. Newin Orante, and the Dean of Counseling, Dr. Luis Escobar, for their administrative support and guidance to implement the return of in-person and off-campus programming. Thank you to Jackie Flores and Vivian Paw for their work to ensure compliance with district policy.

Written by Brianna Clay-Fuller, and Carlos Romero, and Ernesto Hernandez.

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