At the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) Convention on October 3-5, eight Skyline College students presented their original scientific research alongside students from University of Texas, Princeton University, Yale University, University of California, University of Vermont, Stanford University, and many other universities. The conference was held in San Antonio, Texas and sponsored by the University of Texas.

Papers were selected for the conference in a competitive judging from abstracts submitted in July. Skyline College students started their research last spring with Christine Case in BIOL 230 or BIOL 690. The students spent the summer in the lab to continue and complete their research. Stephen Fredricks worked with the students to register and prepare them for presenting at a national conference. Stephen reported that the students were knowledgeable and professional, and represented Skyline College well.

All of these students now have their first publication. You can see the students and their posters on their website. Here are their research topics:

  • Allelopathy and Biotoxicity of Cape Ivy Delairea odorata. Alyssa Koszis.
  • Growth and Lipid Production of the Microalga Spirogyra for Biofuel Production. Beatriz Millare.
  • Antimicrobial Effects Of Mimulus aurantiacus. Jackson Womack.
  • The Effects of Cape Ivy on Soil Microbial Populations. Keefah Khalil.
  • Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties of Symphoricarpos albus. Jashwin Sagoo and Myriah Stitt.
  • The Impact of The Invasive Plant Delairea Odorata On Carbon Cycling. Ronnette Biancah Naungayan and Jaimelynn B. Alvarez.

SACNAS group 2013

Photo: From Left, back row: Jackson, Alyssa, Jashwin, Stephen Fredricks, Irene Yim. Front row: Jaimelynn, Myriah, Keefah, Ronnette, Beatriz.

Insets: (Left) Keefah explains her research to a professor. (Right): Jashwin and Myriah at their poster.

Written by Christine Case, Photos by Irene Yim, Jaimelynn Alvarez, and Stephen Fredricks.