In the spring semester, the Phi Theta Kappa holds elections giving members the opportunity to get more involved with the society. PTK members are encouraged to become active at the regional and international level of the Honor Society. This spring four Skyline students accepted the challenge and are currently campaigning for a number of offices.

Lasheana Dilian Husni, Biology Major and current co-president of the Beta Theta Omicron chapter is running for the international position of district IV Vice President.

Lasheana: PTK has helped me grow as an individual since I first joined, that is why I want to campaign for the position of Vice President of district IV. Because I want to give back to the community by using the experiences and skills I have learned from being an officer in my college PTK – chapter.

Lasheana started her campaign with a research speech and caucus interview that can now be viewed on the Catalyst webpage. Catalyst is the annual international PTK conference that meets in April, elections will be held there and candidates are given the opportunity to present another research speech as well as participate in caucus interviews in front of the over 5000 attendees. She will present herself, work and achievements, and network with the PTK community during open sessions at the conference. In the next weeks, she will connect with chapters all over the US to share her ideas, values and to gather support for her candidacy.

On the regional level, Jerry Hnin, Biology major and current Beta Theta Omicron VP of Scholarship, and  Arthur Veloso Nepomuceno da Silva, Paralegal major and active PTK member, are running for PTK regional president. Florence Thwe, Biology major and current Beta Theta Omicron chapter VP of Fellowship, is campaigning for the Northwest District vice presidency.

Jerry: I decided to run for regional presidency because I would like to network with people and learn different perspectives as well as grow personally and professionally as a leader. I believe the campaign experience would bring my leadership skills to the next level.

Arthur: As president of the PTK Nevada/California regional office, I want to contribute with the best of my administrative skills to this fellowship of scholars to positively transform our community of learners to be more inclusive and diverse and to provide the most vulnerable members of our community with hope and inspiration.

Florence: I would like to run for the Northwest District Vice Presidency because it would allow me to grow as a leader and network with a wider range of people. Moreover, being in the regional team will make me more engaged in the higher level of PTK where I am able to develop my knowledge and closely work with each chapter in the region.

All three started their candidacy by writing a personal statement that is posted on the regional website. As a next step they will attend the regional conference in Pomona, CA and present a 3 minute research speech followed by a caucus interview.

All candidates are supported by the BOO chapter members, either by boosting their social media campaigns, giving feedback to their presentations or by actively preparing them for the caucus interview by asking candid questions about their PTK involvement, their personality, academic achievements and much more. You are invited to join the PTK meeting on Friday, 3/17/23 starting at 2 pm in the STEM Center to listen to all candidates presenting their speeches and preparing for the caucus before they head to the regional conference on March 24th, 2023.

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