relayBeta Theta Omicron organized and participated in the San Bruno Relay for Life on April 23. The Skyline Striders walked the Capuchino High School track from 10 am to 10 pm to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Team members included Magali Yanez, Donway Sy, Pauline Maccay, Karen Lai, Akayi Thein, Chandandeep Singh, Alana Utsumi, and Eric Utsumi.

The 2015 Top 10 fundraising Phi Theta Kappa chapters were recognized during an Educational Forum at the Phi Theta Kappa convention on April 8, 2016. “We are so impressed with the level of continued commitment Phi Theta Kappa members invest in our fight against cancer and are inspired by their enthusiasm and genuine philanthropy,” said Kristen Solt, Vice President of the Hope Lodge Network with the American Cancer Society. “There is a spirit of service within Phi Theta Kappa, and the American Cancer Society is honored to count Phi Theta Kappa as a true partner in our work.”

Beta Theta Omicron has a long history with the Relay for Life events. In 2009, the chapter worked with the American Cancer Society to hold the first San Bruno Relay. That Relay was held on the Skyline College track on one of our foggiest days. Visibility was limited to 300 feet, approximately the width of the track. At the start of each San Bruno Relay for Life, Board Chair and San Bruno City Councilman Ken Ibarra always takes a moment to thank Skyline College for holding the first Relay for Life in San Bruno, and starting a beautiful tradition.

Photo (from left): Magali Yanez, Donway Sy, Pauline Maccay, Karen Lai, Akayi Thein, Alana Utsumi, and Eric Utsumi. Inset: Donway and Chandandeep Singh participate in the Miss Relay contest.

Article by Alana Utsumi and Christine Case. Photos by Donway Sy and Akayi Thein.