LINKS StudentsThe Skyline Links Inc. Mentorship academy, developed by Professor Danielle Powell and Clyde Lewis, concluded its spring semester with a celebration on May 13, 2015. All of participants are current Skyline College students and came from a range of backgrounds. This phenomenal group of future leaders were able to come together and lend mutual support through Mentorship.

Throughout the semester, faculty and staff from Skyline College worked with members from the LINKS Inc. in order to provide students with sometimes brief, but always informative narratives about how to navigate life as a woman. Personal narratives included topics ranging from overcoming the struggles of poverty, to breaking the very real glass ceiling of the work world. Through personal examples, the Skyline College students were able to better understand that while some of the struggles were daunting, that they could overcome them.

The closing celebration included speeches by Dr. Tammy Robinson and project facilitator Professor Danielle Powell. Participants were provided with award certificates and a set of books geared toward continuing to expand on the lessons from the semester.

In talking with the Skyline College students who participated, they are all really grateful to have been a part of this Mentorship Program, and look forward to the coming semesters.

Article by Clyde Lewis | Photo by Joseph Adams