Introduction to Psychobiology examines how our brain influences behavior and includes an overview of how what we eat affects our brain. Students in the class were able to share this knowledge with our larger community by connecting with folks attending Skyline College’s Drive-Through Community Market.

Students created recipe cards containing ingredients commonly distributed at the market, like eggs, vegetables, and rice. Importantly, each recipe provided information about how these foods contribute to good brain health. For example, one recipe shared that “Eggs contain choline, which is helpful for learning, memory, and movement.”

Before heading to the Market, students worked together to develop an elevator pitch to give to each car to let Market attendees know who they were, what they were doing, and why they were doing it.

In addition to applying the information learned in class, this assignment also helped students practice the 21st century skills of critical thinking by determining how to relay complicated information in an accessible way, creativity in the way they designed the recipe, collaboration and social skills by working in groups, productivity, and effective communication.   

Article by Jennifer Merrill

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