Transfer Advocate LuncheonAs part of the Transfer Initiative, the Skyline College Transfer Center has asked faculty, staff and administrators to sign up to be Transfer Advocates. These are people who are committed to students’ transfer success and are willing to promote and participate in all events related to transfer. Most importantly, these individuals make themselves available to students to discuss the campus they attended, their major and career path. Many have participated in Transfer Advocate Career Panels in Counseling 100 classes and others have met one on one with students. This academic year alone, over 150 students attended one of the various panels offered.

On Thursday, April 30, the Transfer Center took a moment to thank these individuals for their dedication and support of transfer and our students. Over 25 advocates attended and our President, Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud, an advocate herself, came to share some words of support.  She spoke to the idea that everyone on our campus has a role to impact transfer and that the Advocates’ role reflects our strong campus-wide transfer culture and commitment to make Skyline College the place that is known for transfer – where students get in, get out and achieve transfer.

Currently, we have 50 Transfer Advocates. Our goal is to double that number to 100 Transfer Advocates by the end of the year. The commitment can be as minimal as promoting transfer in your everyday work to participating on a panel or meeting with students.  If you are interested in becoming a Transfer Advocate, you can learn more by visiting: Please join us and your colleagues and become a Transfer Advocate Today!

A special thanks to our current 50 Transfer Advocates for their commitment to transfer and to Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud for speaking at our event!

Article by Suzanne Poma | Photo by Michele Haggar