Over this past semester the Career Services Center is excited to share that we have been hard at work connecting students to employers via the various programs and services we provide.

Since August we hosted a total of 13 Get Work Wednesdays, along with a hiring event for both Sprouts Groceries and San Francisco Unified School District. These visits allowed us to host over 32 employers from various careers and industries who were able to share with over 248 students various job announcements for both full and part-time positions. These same students also had the chance to explore various career options and industries they hadn’t initially thought about as options when they engaged in conversation with these employers. Additionally, of these employers who participated in a recent survey, almost 30% of them reported that they were able to hire between 1- 3 students as a result of their participation in our Get Work Wednesdays. This is higher then what was previously reported, so we are excited to see an increase!

We are also happy to share that the connections didn’t stop there. In anticipation for seasonal job opportunities, the Career Services Center also hosted a Seasonal Job fair on November 1. Despite the small scale event, approximately 40% of students in attendance reported that they learned more about their major to be able to make more informed decisions, while approximately 60% reported feeling prepared to discuss their goals.

And in conjunction to connecting students with employers who visit our campus, we also recently hosted an employer visit to Google headquarters in Mountain View on November 28. The tour included free transportation to and from Google headquarters, a visit to their campus store, a tour of the headquarters, and a panel presentation consisting of Google employees ranging from positions within Human Resources, Project Managers, Google Technicians, and Technical Recruiters. Our panelists shared stories about their own career exploration, their professional and educational journeys that eventually led them to a job with Google. They also shared advice with our students around resume and interview tips, the importance of volunteer work and establishing connections by participating in networking events and internships.

For the students who were selected to attend, it was an extraordinary experience. All students reported that attending the tour greatly contributed to career exploration, over 60% of them reported having more confidence in what they are majoring in, and over 80% of them reported that attending this tour has contributed to their potential in finding employment. Additionally, one student shared that “visiting Google HQ and having a panel discussion was very informative, especially listening to the personal journey. I felt like I was able to relate. They all came from diverse backgrounds and went through different journeys, yet they all ended up working at Google.” Another student reported that it was “especially encouraging to hear panelists’ share that they attended community college. It gave a student like me hope for success in the future.”

And with that, Career Services is looking very much forward to our up-coming spring semester as we prepare to host more employer visits, our Career Fair on April 17, more resume and interview workshops, and much more to continue to support career exploration and job readiness.

Article by Michele Haggar | Photos by Will Nacouzi

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