8th graders experimentingThis semester, our Beta Theta Omicron members are providing science lab experiences for middle school students. The members, led by Janah May Oclaman, developed hands-on laboratory experiences which they brought to local schools. During September, nearly 300 8th grade students made silly putty in the States of Matter workshop and the students rated the workshop 4.94 on a scale of 1(dull) to 5(fantastic).

Janah said, “Seeing those smiles and knowing I have somehow influenced and made a difference in those kids’ lives motivates me to work harder on my next projects.”

The Beta Theta Omicron team is preparing metabolism laboratories and will bring materials for the middle school students to make root beer.

Skyline College students working with Janah are: Anthony Petraki, Anthony Lal, Akayi Thein, Luis De Alba, Christopher Amaro, Alina Rai, Roxanne Gorman, Sachin Sharma, and Kaunhou Her.

Article by Dr. Christine Case | Photo by Janah May Oclaman