A group of 8 students, 2 staff members and 1 community member spent a full day at the ReStore in San Carlos on February 10, 2018.

The ReStore is a home improvement store with gently used furniture, antiques and appliances. The proceeds from every sale at ReStore go to support Habitat Greater San Francisco’s mission to build and sustain affordable homeownership opportunities in Marin, San Francisco, and the Peninsula.

During this time, the volunteers rotated in shifts of refurbishing furniture, helping unload shipments, cleaning merchandise and assisting customers. It was a tiring but rewarding day; the staff of the ReStore was extremely impressed and mentioned they had never had a group accomplish so much in one weekend.

The Communities of Practice (CoPs) felt that the mission for the ReStore was a harmonious fit into the goal of providing a volunteer opportunity that focused on social justice and sustainability.

In fall 2017, Skyline College launched a new professional development opportunity — Communities of Practice or CoPs. Since the launch, the Social Justice and Sustainability CoP has worked on a variety of projects including sustainability curriculum development, campus-wide events, and guest speakers.

One area this CoP wanted to engage in was connecting the college with sustainability and social justice volunteer opportunities that already existed in the community.

If you are interested in volunteering at the ReStore with a group or as an individual please visit: Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco

or if you are interested in learning more about CoPs at Skyline College, visit: Communities of Practice

Article by Flor Lopez

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