calworksSkyline College students and staff attended the CalWORKs Association’s Annual Training in San Diego, California on April 15-17th, 2019. Students were treated to an inspiring keynote speaker, Ms. Patricia Williams (Ms. Pat) author of Rabbit. Ms. Pat’s keynote addressed many of the challenges, pain and resiliency of raising children on CARE/CalWORKs through the lens of humor.

Staff and students were able to participate in thought-provoking and useful breakout sessions to learn of updates as well as understand the rights of program participants. Veljanae Bradford, a program participant stated, “The conference gave me a new perspective on the CalWORKs program.”  In attendance from Skyline College Community College were Veljanae Bradford, Tiffannee Rush, Cynthia Haro (CARE/CalWORKs Counselor) and Linda Allen (Interim Program Service Coordinator, CARE/CalWORKs/Guardian Scholars).

Each year this event brings together more than 400 attendees and provides a forum for training, discussion, sharing, networking and invention.

Photo left to right: Linda Allen, Tiffannee Rush, Ms. Pat (keynote) Veljanae Bradford and Cynthia Haro.

Article by Linda Allen

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