Skyline College WebsiteWe are excited to announce that we have officially begun to roll out the redesigned Skyline College website. During this first phase of the rollout, you’ll notice a few major changes on seven key pages at the top level of navigation.

What’s New?

Mobile Friendly:

These seven new pages, and all subsequent new pages, are “mobile friendly,” which means they use responsive web design to adapt to different sized mobile devices. In other words, these pages automatically scale up and down to best fit on your laptop, tablet, phone or other device by detecting how big your screen is. That means greater accessibility and ease of navigation for students and staff accessing the Skyline College website from devices other than a desktop computer.

Home Page:

The home page has a clean, dynamic new look designed for greater visual impact, simplicity and ease of navigation. The new design removes some of the clutter that clogged the old page and makes a large slideshow and key featured news stories the centerpiece of the new website – allowing us to better tailor our messaging to students and influence users’ immediate perception of the college through the visual cues on our website.

“Portal Pages:”

The black navigation bar at the top of our Home page lists six unique sections of the website including, Admissions, Academics, Career Advancement, Student Life, Campus Resources, and About. We wanted to highlight these important sections by creating new “Overview” pages for each of them – we’re calling them “portal pages” internally.

These pages include striking images with an aspirational “tagline,” a simplified navigation bar and clear and concise introductory text that highlights the college’s offerings and goals within each of these six areas. This new language is student focused, speaking directly to them as opposed to speaking generally about the college.

The Road Ahead

As we move into the coming months, we will be migrating other sections of the website to pages that blend with the look and feel of these initial 7 pages. This will be a long process and we ask you to be patient. In the meantime, your respective pages will remain on the old templates, and if you’ve made edits to the site using Omni in the past, you’ll still be making edits the same way until we migrate your page(s) to an updated template.

As with any major new launch, we expect to meet some small bumps in the road, and we also expect to fix them, quickly, as they arise, with a consistent eye towards improvement.

This is an exciting new step for Skyline College. We cater to an increasingly mobile-oriented and technologically-savvy student body – updating our website to reflect this reality is essential to making the student experience the best it can be.

Article by Connor Fitzpatrick