Skyline College at Foundation Golf Tournament 1On August 25, 2014, Skyline College was present at the San Mateo Community College Foundation Golf Tournament. In collaboration with Outreach, the Cosmetology Department, and MCPR, Skyline College was able to host a relaxing, kick-back themed hole for the donors that participated in the Golf Tournament. The main attraction was our Skyline College Prize Wheel, where everyone was a winner. The prizes consisted of five-minute massages, Skyline College golf balls, Skyline College Tees, and Skyline College wine glasses and a bottle of wine.

Skyline College at Foundation Golf Tournament 2The event was a great success with over one hundred donors participating at our table. This was a way to say thank you for all the donations given to the San Mateo Community College School District. Special thanks to the Office of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations, Cosmetology, the Bay Area Entrepreneur Center, and Outreach for coordinating this innovative event.

Article by Florentino Ubungen | Photos by Darrel Lee