students from msmp programThe African Diaspora Program which is part of the Global Learning Programs and Services Division, coordinated by Clyde Lewis Jr. held its inaugural Male Scholars’ Mentorship Program during the summer of 2015. The Male Scholars’ Mentorship Program aimed to provide students with the necessary tools for academic, career and life success through structured activities. Participants between the ages of 16-25 were largely from the Bayview Hunters Point are in San Francisco. By working with the faculty from 3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic, the program was able to identify and support students who are facing academic challenges in traditional classroom settings. The focus of this six week program is to re-align participants on their path toward academic success, increase their self-esteem and to help shape their career readiness. Students are also required to use what they learn from the program in their respective community in order to receive credit.

The program was facilitated by Professor Tim Dupre and Brianna Clay and was administratively supported, by two Skyline College students: Jazmena Bannag and Joseph Adams. Additionally, faculty from Financial Aid, Career Center/Co-op and Sparkpoint emphasized many of the points discussed. Further, faculty from Skyline College played a role in supporting the program by allowing participants to visit their classes in order to experience higher education first hand. By allowing the mentoring participants to engage in their classes, both Professor Kymberly Jackson and Professor Nate Nevado introduced the concepts that education can be challenging; however, it can also be engaging.

The overall goal for the program was to increase the likelihood that participants would attend college by providing them with the necessary tools to make informed decisions about their future. Since the completion of the program, one of the high school students is currently enrolled full time and another is taking courses at Skyline College. All of the students who participated in the program can now better appreciate how college can open doors to their future.

Article by Brianna Clay | Photo by Jazmena Bannag

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