National Poetry Month ended the month of April with the Book Spine Workshop & Contest, hosted by Skyline College Library on April 19, . Several students selected and stacked books to create their own inventive and expressive poems. The prizes were one $25, $15, and $10 gift card, a donation courtesy of Skyline College Bookstore.

First place winner for the $25 gift card was “Our Restless Century” by Kylea Pearson:

Rebels against WAR

The Future is Ours

Speaking Up

The Power of Protest

Letting go

The Rattling Chains

The Restless Century


Second place winner for the $15 gift card was “Global Existentialism” by Clayborne Go

Life As It Is

Of Molecules and Men

Only Skin Deep

In Our Own Image

The Design of Future Things

The Age of Oil



Rockets and Missiles

War on the Mind


Third place winner for the $10 gift card was “Not Safe For Writing” (NSFW) by Gabriel Capili


Of Poetry & Protest


The Way We Really Are

Give Your Speech, Change the World

Don’t let them scare you


The Library would like to thank all of our students who participated in the Book Spine Workshop & Contest event, as well as congratulate the winners.


Article by Sherri Wyatt | Photo by Pia Walawalkar

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