Vote Library Book DisplaySuffrage and skin are the related topics of two new book displays at Skyline College Library.

American women vote! marks 95 years this month since the 19th amendment guaranteed women the right to vote. Most of us know about Susan B. Anthony, but what about Sojourner Truth or Ida B. Wells? Victoria Woodhull and the spiritualist movement? Don’t forget those who opposed the female vote. Biographies, histories, personal narratives are available for check out. Voter registration applications are also available for citizens of any gender.

Skin : across the disciplines illustrates the many ways that skin plays out across American life. From biology, cosmetology and psychology to all-important issues of race and skin color. The Library has a rich collection on this topic. Read up!

Students, staff, adjunct and regular faculty alike are invited to apply for a free Peninsula Library System (PLS) library card. Applications are always available at the Library Check Out Desk.

Article by Jessica Silver-Sharp