Rollingwood trainingA new school year promises not only new students, but also new programs and opportunities. This year, Skyline College is partnering with Rollingwood Elementary School to start a sustainability program that will shape young champions of sustainability by educating the school’s students about issues including energy, waste, water, and transportation.

To kick off the program, Skyline College worked with the San Mateo County Office of Education to facilitate a two-day training for the teachers at Rollingwood. The training served as a space for teachers to plan out how they will incorporate sustainability into their lesson plans. By participating in a number of exercises and discussions about systems thinking and environmental problems on the first day, Rollingwood faculty quickly became sustainability experts. They returned on the second day to create units that highlight a specific sustainability issue to teach over the course of this academic year.

In addition to the training, Skyline College will support Rollingwood by connecting student interns from the Energize Colleges program to assist the teachers with lessons and activities.

If you know of any students who might be interested in an internship, please have them contact Carla Grandy ( or Mary Thomasmeyer (

Article by Mary Thomasmyer

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