Institutional Student Learning Outcomes Graphic

Institutional SLOs (ISLOs) Graphic Designed by Livius Darmawan: Critical Thinking (yellow), Effective Communication (red), Information Literacy (purple), Citizenship (blue), and Lifelong Wellness (green)

Skyline College student Livius Darmawan designed the Institutional Student Learning Outcomes graphic to raise campus awareness. He worked on many projects prior to this one. For Westmoor High School, he designed graphics for more than fifteen school clubs’ shirts and sweatshirts, as well as the school letterhead. Once he enrolled at Skyline, he was very excited and happy when the Associated Students of Skyline College chose his logo for its purposes. Livius is still honing his art skills, and in the future, he wrote that he “hopes to find more opportunities to design and collaborate with awesome people.

For this ISLO graphic, his creative process revolved around one image that defined the ISLOs. To reinforce each of the five ISLOs’ unique characteristics, he separated each point with its own image and color; this way the message is clear that there are five important concepts to the ISLOs. To unite these five images, he created a shape that conveys that they are equally important. As such, each of the five images is a piece of pie, and all together they are the foundation of students’ education at Skyline as they pursue their AA/AS degrees.

You are warmly welcomed to participate in the Critical Thinking ISLO Town Hall on Monday, September 23, 2-4, in Room 6203. At this town hall meeting, we’ll analyze the data from assessing Critical Thinking, and reflect on feedback about the assessment process and rubric.

Article submitted by Karen Wong