Shuttle GraphSkyline College launched the Skyline College Express shuttle service this fall to provide a direct connection between the campus and the Daly City BART station. During September, the first full month of operation, this shuttle service provided an incredible 8,914 rides to passengers (one-way), demonstrating both the tremendous need and high demand for such a project.

This new shuttle, partially funded through a two-year grant, is intended to help students overcome logistical and socio-economic barriers by seamlessly connecting public transportation to the college campus. The shuttle is also available to employees as well as community members who come to campus to attend events or utilize services. Aligned with the Skyline College Promise initiative, the shuttle supports the institution’s values of student success and equity; open access; sustainability; and community connection.

Based on a recent survey of 234 passengers, the shuttle is having a significantly positive impact. Among survey respondents, the primary reasons that passengers chose the Skyline Express shuttle were cost (free transportation), commute time, and convenience. Passengers commented that they feel safe and less stressed while using the shuttle to get to class or work on time. Friendly and helpful drivers also contribute to high satisfaction with the shuttle experience.

The shuttle is primarily used by students (92.3%), but is also accessed by employees, prospective employees, and community members. The majority of passengers (64.5%) indicated that they utilize the service at least four days per week on average. While most passengers commute from Daly City (43.6%) and San Francisco (38.9%), Skyline College Express also provides the last link in a long commute for riders from Hayward, San Leandro, Oakland, Berkeley, and El Cerrito.

A common theme among survey comments was appreciation for the Skyline College Express shuttle, especially that it was both time-saving and free for all. Passengers also expressed strong interest in expanded service including more frequent pickups/departures, additional locations, and evening service. Better synchronization between campus departure times and class ending times was also suggested. In addition to sharing ideas on improving the service, many passengers commented on how the shuttle has reduced transportation costs and made it easier to get to campus. In general, the comments suggest that Skyline College’s endeavor to provide transportation support is minimizing barriers to access and helping students to Get in. Get through. Get out…on time!” Further details including shuttle schedules are available at

Article and Graph by Cheri Jones