On Monday, Oct. 30 the Early Childhood Education program had their first “Careers with Children” Job Fair in building 6. There were over 15 employers from a variety of agencies including Head Start, Bright Horizons, YMCA of Stonestown, South San Francisco Recreation Center, and more looking to hire students interested in working with children.

Students that are not quite ready to start their careers with children were able to find out about necessary qualifications and wages. This allowed students to think and plan the next steps in their coursework.

SFSU also sent representatives from their PATH program to inform students about a Bachelors Program in Child Development for working adults. 4Cs were also present and gave information about running a business and doing information and referral.

Overall the event was a success with over 70 students attending. We plan on continuing and expanding these efforts in 2018.

Article by Kristina Brower

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