The Future of Biotech looks bright in our area.   Amgen is the second large biotech company to open a large facility in SSF this year.  The research facility located in the Oyster Point Business Park neighborhood of SSF is over 250k square feet of lab space and employes over 600 people who do research on Cancer, Cardiovascular and Neural health.  Amgen CEO Bob Bradway in his opening remarks talked about the Biotech Ecosystem in the Bay area that was so appealing to the company.   Skyline College is part of this ecosystem of Universities/ Colleges, over 300 small Biotech companies and nonprofits like Skylines close partner BABEC, that contribute to the vibrant Biopharma landscape of South SanFrancisco.

Alumni and friends of Skyline are in all these places.   As we were walking into the celebration, the Amgen employee holding the door and directing people into the courtyard said “Hey I went to Skyline College too” after seeing the Red Skyline Logo on my shirt.  This goes to show that Skyline Alumni are working in all these places even if they do not take Biology or Biotec at Skyline.   These companies will also hire from accountants and admins to pipefitters and X ray techs. Who happen to be Skyline students. Professor Kapp attended the ribbon cutting with members of BABEC.  As we were leaving the building, dodging construction skiffs and large work trucks we happened on the Charles River Accelerator and Incubator.  This company site within another company site highlighted to us how partnerships are important to complete a goal.   Amgen and Charles River work together to research cancer.  Skyline works with Non Profits, Companies and government agents to help our students with their career and educational goals.    It felt good to walk out of the building knowing we are a part of an ecosystem that will help so many students.

Article and photos by Nick Kapp

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