Jimmy Chan, a dear friend and colleague of the Skyline College community will begin his retirement on March 30, 2018.

Jimmy has been a true gleam of joy for everyone who encounters him. He has demonstrated a strong work ethic and dignity that we all can learn from reflecting upon. Working in Facilities with the San Mateo Community College District for the past fourteen years, Jimmy has spent the latter twelve at Skyline College with Building 5 as his assignment for the past three years. Jimmy is always ready to roll up his sleeves, full of encouraging words at just the right time, and demonstrates a quiet strength that is rare in this day and age. A few expressions from co-workers express this best:

“My first night ever working at Skyline College was a big change from the school I worked at previously, not the least of which was because I was working an evening shift by myself. Jimmy took the time to stop, introduce himself to me, and ask how my first day was going because he didn’t recognize my face. I think that encapsulates who he is, someone who knows the people he works with well enough to recognize a new face and someone kind enough to take time out of his day to welcome a new colleague to the Skyline community. It’s people like Jimmy that make Skyline College such a nice place to work.” TLC IA II/ VP of Classified Senate Christina Trujillo said.

“I would like to thank Mr. Jimmy for all his services through all of these years. Mr. Jimmy is always kind and friendly to us (everyone). There are times Jimmy saw us working late, and he would bring us Japanese crackers as snacks for our late shifts. As sad as it will be not to have Mr. Jimmy around, I am really happy for his retirement. I wish him and his family the best and a happy retirement.” TRiO Math Coordinator/ Math Instructor Miranda Wang said.

“Mr. Jimmy has supported TLC since before my father passed and the two of them often spoke when I was working late, and Dad was waiting to pick me up. Aside from his highly driven work ethic, I will never forget the nurturing way that Mr. Jimmy has looked after me since that devastating loss.” TLC-TRIO IA II/ English Instructor Chanel Daniels said.

Jimmy will be spending Spring Break with his daughter, March 23 will be our final opportunity to express gratitude before his official sendoff. While we will miss him dearly, we wish Jimmy the greatest joy and fulfillment as he travels the world with his lovely wife.

Article written by Chanel Daniels | Photo by Bryan Evans

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