middle collegeThe South San Francisco Unified School District School Board voted unanimously at its last meeting to establish a middle college program on the Skyline College campus. This partnership is in keeping with the Skyline College 2012-2017 Strategic Plan to strengthen community connections.

The Middle College is a bold, creative and innovative educational opportunity undergirded by a wide array of bundled support services ranging from intrusive coaching, tutoring, career exploration, specialized college success classes, along with community service experiences. The goal of the Middle College is to provide students with pathways to accelerate their academic success and career goals while contributing to their community and civil society.

Starting fall 2015, 50 students in the 11th grade will form the entering cohort.  The enrolled students will fit one of the following profiles:

  • Highly motivated achievers
  • Gifted but not thriving in high school learning environment
  • Underachieving due to socioeconomic or other social factors that place them at risk of not graduating

The students will take a combination of core high school courses in English, United States history, government and economics, along with tuition-free college courses to earn their high school diploma plus, one or more of the following three options:  (1) career technical education certificate; (2) units toward an Associate degree; (3) transferable units to a four-year institution of higher education.

Article and Graphic by Raymond Jones