students at Alma Mater DayThe Transfer Center hosted yet another Alma Mater Day with great participation from Skyline College Faculty, Staff and Administrators!

In the spirit of promoting a campus-wide transfer culture and encouraging students to inquire about and plan for transfer, the Transfer Center hosted yet another Alma Mater Day during the Spring Transfer Fair.

Over 25 faculty and staff from the Counseling Division alone participated, while several other faculty and staff from various divisions and departments proudly wore their Alma Mater gear! Additionally, several faculty had on their “Where Did You Go to College” Pins, which helped promote and keep the transfer conversation going with our students throughout the day.

Thanks to those who participated and took the time to talk to students about transfer and their experience attending a four-year university!

SAVE THE DATE (and your PINS): Our next Alma Mater Day will be on Monday, October 31st, 2016. Are you a Gator, Golden Bear, Slug, Spartan? Dare to dress up as your school mascot!

Article by Suzanne Poma | Photo by William Nacouzi