The Black and Brown Scholars (BBS) hosted its Open House event at the Intercultural Center on Thursday, January 25th. Open to all men of color students at Skyline College, over 50 students, staff, and faculty came together to learn about the mission and goals of this community. Led and presented by the BBS Student Board, attendees had the opportunity to enjoy food, network, and learn how they can get involved this coming semester. BBS strives to bridge the gap between the institution and the students by actively participating in leadership development and creating a strong brotherhood network among students, faculty, and staff of color across campus. Students can leave feeling empowered and return to their communities as leaders of future generations with appropriate resources, support, and knowledge found on campus to further their success in and outside of Skyline.

The group is led by the following student leaders:
• Andy Casas (President)
• Jace Chang (SOCC Rep)
• Alfredo Avila (Vice President)
• Bryan Amezcua (Treasurer)

In addition, attendees were able to interact, meet, and learn from key BBS Mentors who include the following:
• Dino Garcia (PSP Counselor)
• Albin Lee (PSP Retention Specialist)
• Kent Gomez (PSP Counselor)
• Joseph Jaballa (Program Services Coordinator)
• Alvin Macaldo-Gubatina (Student Life and Leadership Manager)
• Ryan Samn (Student Life Assistant)
• Matthew Embry (Admissions & Records Assistant)
• Manny Verdin (PSP Counseling Intern)
• Perry Chen (Personal Counselor)

BBS was also able to share their new logo which is an open book with a blossoming lotus flower. Inspired by the People’s College Initiative, the open book symbolizes academia and a thirst for knowledge. In contrast, the lotus flower symbolizes strength and resilience given that the flower itself relies on their underground roots to survive. In doing so, the flower can thrive and bloom even in the most trying conditions which is key to the transformative experience men of color students face to succeed both in and outside of Skyline College. The next BBS Slide Thru Session is scheduled for Thursday, February 8th with more information to come. Be sure to check out the Instagram page @skyline.bbs to learn more about this initiative and stay updated on upcoming events. Additional questions can be sent to Albin Lee (

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