Thomas Broxholm was awarded the 2018 CAT President’s Award for “Outstanding Contributions to Automotive Education in California” at the annual California Automotive Teachers (CAT) spring conference at Hartnell College in Salinas, CA on April 28.

Broxholm has been the webmaster for CAT for over 15 years and has attended every conference for the past 20 years.

The conference is designed to support California Automotive Teachers through training, networking and exhibitors. This organization works to support all Automotive CTE throughout the State and at the legislative level in Sacramento. CAT holds a Northern California conferences and a Southern California conference every year.

Ruben Parra, Automotive Engine Performance instructor here at Skyline College is the current CAT President after fulling a 2 year commitment as Vice President.  Ruben has made a 10 year commitment to CAT.

The president’s award is a closely guarded secret and Tom Broxholm was very surprised during the announcement. Broxholm stated that he appreciates the recognition and believes with all his heart what the organization stands for and everything it does for Automotive Education.


Article by Thomas G. Broxholm

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